Coffee Origins

There are four classifications to define the origin of coffee beans . Classifying each region by its predominant export, the map illustrates an overview of where the following classifications are found:

-Colombian Milds: Includes coffees from Colombia, Kenya, and Tanzania, all of which are washed arabicas.

-Other Milds: Also known as Centrals, include most of Central American coffees as well as Mexico, in addition to some countries in Southeast Asia. All of these are arabicas coffees, most of them washed.

-Brazil: Includes coffees from Brazil and some other South American countries. Most of this coffee is unwashed arabica and some of it is robusta

-Robustas: includes mostly coffees from Africa and some of Asian origin. All beans are from the robusta category.

These labels are commonly used in coffee exchange markets in order to identify the type of bean, its quality, and its price. Colombian Milds are typically the highest quality and the most expensive beans, followed by Other Milds, Brazil, and Robustas.

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