Coffee Beans

Good coffee comes down to good beans. There are two basic bean types: Robusta and Arabica:

Coffea Arabica

commonly called Arabica, are considered the highest quality beans and therefore are usually more expensive. They grow best in high altitudes and produce a very flavorful and aromatic coffee, low in caffeine and acidity. In Colombia, Arabica is exclusively grown

Coffea Robusta or Canephora

is commonly called Robusta. As the name indicates, this tree can withstand harsher temperatures and conditions than most. Considered by the trade to be less flavorful and aromatic than Arabica, it is widely used in instant and less expensive coffees. It produces a cup with twice the amount of caffeine of Arabica and is high in acidity. No Robustas are grown in Colombia


also known as Washed Arabica. It is the highest quality of Arabica coffee. Unlike beans from other origins, all Colombian coffee is "washed;" this process releases many impurities and acid agents, which gives it its rich taste and aroma.

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