The Legend

The legend tells us that over 1,300 years ago, in what today is Ethiopia, a young Arab shepherd by the name of Kaldi observed one afternoon how his goats acted strangely, running and jumping as if crazy, after eating the red fruit of a bush.

Intrigued by what was happening, the shepard decided to take samples of the leaves and fruits to a monastery called "Cheodet", where the monks cooked the beans.

The beverage obtained seemed so ugly to them that they threw the remains of the infusion into the fire.

As they burned, the beans began to give off a pleasant aroma.

So, the monks prepared a new beverage with the roasted beans and were fascinated by the result.

After drinking the coffee, the monks' prayers were no longer soft and placid; they became a joyful choir.

Legend tells that the abbot gave the name of kaaba to the beverage, which means "coffee-colored precious stone" in the Arab language.

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