• Packaging

    The packaging characteristics for international markets are: external polyester golden and black color, internal aluminum layer and a low density polyethylene with a weight of the structure of 140 gr. * m2, protecting coffee from light, aromas and steam water that can affect the quality of the final product.

    This packaging has an exceptional resistance to impact, perforations, rips and environmental factors as cold, heat and humidity. Due to its sealing and barrier properties, it protects the coffee from light and avoids permeability of oxygen and odors giving this way a lifetime of 6 months to the product.

    Our coffee is available in: Bulk packed x 35 kgs., 250 grs., 500 grs., 1000 grs., 2500 grs., 20 kg., Flow Pack, Doy Pack, Stand Up, with peel stick or air-tight seal and with degasser valve (ideal to protect and preserve the freshness and organoleptic characteristics of the product for a longer time).