• Our Products

    Local Market

    Since several years ago, in the local market we have targeted our efforts in the institutional segment with customers such as:

    COLANTA, Most Casinos in Medellin, Hotels (Dann Carlton is one of them), PAPELES FAMILIA, SUPERMERCADOS EURO, SUPERMERCADOS MADRID, MARION, within others.

    For the local market we offer roasted and ground coffee in different presentations:

    International Market

    In the international market, our coffee stands out for its quality, not only in the third-party labels produced but also in our private brands. Being one of the few Colombian coffee companies with the quality license and export registration required by THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COFFEE GROWERS OF COLOMBIA for exporting processed coffee, allows us to offer different coffee qualities such as U.G.Q., Europe, Supreme and Roasted (whole bean and ground coffee).

    Our coffee is available in: Bulk packed x 35 kgs., 250 grs., 500 grs., 1000 grs., 2500 grs. and 20 kg. (see packaging).