• Third Party Private Labels

    Our specialty is the third party private label production in which Café Madrid stands out for its quality, high technology, export license, flexibility and compromise, being one of the few national coffee companies with the quality license and export registration required by THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COFFEE GROWERS OF COLOMBIA for exporting processed coffee. That same institution backs, certifies and supervises us, ensuring that our coffee meets the highest quality without exception.

    Complete assessment for our clients interested in developing their private labels, achieving this way a brand 100% Colombian coffee highly demanded in every international market.

    We offer different qualities such as U.G.Q., Europe, Supreme and Roasted (whole bean and ground coffee).

    Our product 100% Colombian Coffee is used by our clients in many different ways in order to satisfy their needs, such as having their brand 100% Colombian Coffee, blending it with other coffees taking advantage of its high quality, and as a product for coffee pots and vending machines.

    For customers who want to sell their product abroad with some defined aroma, our Research and Development department has the ability to achieve that aroma with only the sample that the customer delivers to our company, achieving this way customer satisfaction.

    Some of the private labels produced and that are being enjoyed by the most demanding customer in the world, are:

    Café León (U.S.A.)

    Carlos` Coffee (Noruega - Norway)

    Café El Pedral (U.S.A.)

    Café Los Andes

    Café Valencia (U.S.A.)

    Café Serano

    Café Uribia (Rain Forest)

    Comercializadora Gonzalez Global

    La Tienda del Café (Canada)

    Café Cocondo Orgánico (CO)

    Café los Farallones (CO)

    Café Virgen De Oro

    Café Támesis

    Café Del Sur

    Café Jasaní - American Roast

    Café Monarca Excelso

    National Coffee Store (U.S.A.)