Our Process

Backed by the experience gained since 1921, an integral knowledge of the coffee chain, strategic alliances, modern equipments and the highest quality, CAFE MADRID is the best choice for your coffee needs.

We are backed, certified and supervised by the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COFFEE GROWERS OF COLOMBIA, which guarantees the highest quality coffee without exception. Our tradition, experience and continuous development of new techniques and products are our guarantee for you to have the best coffee experience.

Reception and weighting

All raw materials are inspected, weighted and go through quality control checks before entering the plant, taking into account different factors like, humidity, organoleptic characteristics, uniformity and pests that can cause pollution, since the quality throughout the process depends on it. Later on, the green coffee is transported by an elevator to the toaster.

Roasting Coffee

The process of roasting is a very important variable since the time temperature relationship originates flavor, color and the distinctive aroma of roasted coffee. The roasting degree, medium or high roast, depends on the necessity of the client and/or the final customers' culture.


After the toasting is finished, the coffee is spread and by the use of moving blades is cooled down to subsequently be carried by another elevator to the mill.


Its main objective is the reduction of the size of the toasted grain for extraction of aromas and soluble compounds. The milling degree depends on the type of coffee maker in which the coffee will be prepared, average or fine milling. In either case its uniformity in milling is maintained. The milled coffee is later transported to the packing area.

Packing and sealing

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  • Quality Control

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  • Research and Development

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